Cascade Loans Review

Even if you haven’t taken out a loan in the past, you probably know a thing or two about lending agencies. There are lots of different lenders out there, and it can make finding the right lending company difficult. 

There are some loan companies that specialize in just one type of loan, such as payday loans. Whereas, other lending companies offer lots of different loans.

Cascade Loans Review

In particular, you will find that a lot of loan brokers offer a number of different services because they aren’t actually paying for the loans themselves. 

Alternatively, there are some loan agencies that specialize solely in loans for purchasing homes. Cascade Loans is one of these companies. In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at what Cascade Loans are, the products they offer, and whether, or not, they are any good.

So, if you want to find out more about this company, check out this review.

What Are Cascade Loans?

First things first, let’s take a look at what Cascade Loans are. As we have said, Cascade Loans is a lending agency that specializes in loans for houses.

Specifically, Cascade Loans was set up in 1999 to make home ownership attainable, and they aimed to do this by focusing on the manufactured homes industry. Since then, the company has grown and expanded, but manufactured homes remain their focus. 

When Cascade Loans was set up, its owners recognized the full potential of manufactured homes. They realized that these homes were the answer to making home ownership achievable for everyone, and so they offered a service to help people.

They did this by hiring a team of experts in the home lending industry. Experts that could make the process of buying a manufactured home an incredibly personalized process. 

While Cascade Loans specializes in manufactured homes, they have a range of products to help you with your manufactured homes. These include home-only loan programs, and lots more. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what Cascade Loans offers. 

What Does Cascade Loans Offer?

As we have said, Cascade Loans specializes in loans for manufactured homes. This doesn’t mean that they only offer one type of loan, instead it means that they only offer loans that are associated with manufactured housing. So, what might these loans be? Let’s take a look. 

If you are thinking of purchasing a manufactured home, then Cascade Loans are the company for you. That is because they really are a one-stop shop when it comes to financing manufactured homes.

This is because Cascade Loans offers help for purchasing manufactured houses, refinancing, purchasing mobile homes, and help for people who might run into issues when purchasing a manufactured home. 

This help includes FHA loans (for those who have the funds for a mortgage, but a poor credit history), and VA loans that are specifically designed for veterans. Although they are becoming more and more popular, manufactured homes are still fairly niche.

So, it is good to know that a company like Cascade Loans exists, allowing you to speak with experts in this industry. 

If you have thought about purchasing a manufactured home, like many of us have at some point in our lives, then you likely want to know if you are eligible for their services.

The main thing that affects eligibility for working with Cascade Loans is your location. So, let’s take a look at where Cascade Loans are available. 

Where Are Cascade Loans Available?

Unlike some companies, Cascade Loans does not operate across the whole of the USA. This means that your location might impact your eligibility for a Cascade manufactured home loan. With that in mind, let’s take a look at where Cascade Loans are available. 

While they do not operate across the whole of the USA, Cascade Loans does cover a lot of the country. You can easily find out if your location makes you eligible for a Cascade Loan by looking at this map.

But, at the moment, Cascade Loans does not originate new loans in 6 States. These 6 States are Hawaii, Alaska, Utah, Nevada, Nebraska, and New York. 

If your area is not listed, then you can still contact Cascade Loans to express your interest. You can do this by dialing the number on the link above. However, you still will not have access to the services that Cascade Loans offers.

You will simply be declaring interest. If enough people declare interest, then it is possible that Cascade Loans could begin to offer their services in these States in the future. 

But, as you can see, Cascade Loans are available in a lot of the US States. While they might not currently be a USA-wide company, you can clearly see that Cascade Loans is still a large company. So, why might you consider using their services? Let’s find out. 

Cascade Loans

Reasons For Having A Cascade Loan

Everybody has a different reason for applying for a loan. But, when it comes to Cascade Loans, there is usually a united purpose among their customers. This purpose is, of course, manufactured homes.

However, an interest in manufactured homes isn’t the only reason why you might consider Cascade Loans, so let’s take a look at some others. 

Cost Of Housing

The main thing that leads people to buying manufactured homes is the cost of traditional housing. The cost of traditional homes are often very high, so manufactured homes offer an affordable alternative.

As we have already established, Cascade Loans specializes in manufactured housing. So, it stands to reason that the cost of traditional homes is one of the reasons why you might take out a Cascade Loan.

Bad Credit

Another reason why you might apply for a Cascade Loan is because you have a poor financial history. Sadly, a lot of the time, people are able to afford mortgage payments at current, but will be ineligible for mortgages due to poor financial decisions in the past.

But, Cascade Loans offers FHA loans which are specifically designed for this. So, you might consider a Cascade Loan if you want to buy a manufactured home, but your poor credit history is preventing you from getting a regular mortgage. 

Regional Lender Of The Year

Finally, you might consider Cascade Loans because they were voted Regional Lender of the Year consecutively from 2015 through to 2020.

This is something that the company is incredibly proud of, and the achievement is clearly displayed on the homepage of their website.

This recognition really makes the company seem more trustworthy, and as a result you might consider using them when you buy a manufactured home. 


Now that we’ve taken a good look at what Cascade Loans does. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this company, starting with the pros. 

Quick Response Rate

One of the best things about Cascade Loans is that they have a quick response rate. You can get pre-approved with the company through their website, and you will usually hear back within just a few hours.

Then, once you have applied for financing for the manufactured home that you are interested in, you will typically hear back within 30 to 60 days depending on the complexity of the mortgage.

Competitive Rates

Everybody who works at Cascade Loans is an expert when it comes to mortgages for manufactured homes. This means that they will be able to get you an incredibly competitive mortgage with low rates to match.

So, using Cascade Loans could save you a lot of money in the long run. 

Multiple Loan Options

Finally, Cascade Loans has a variety of loan options and programs. All these programs are tailored to manufactured homes, meaning that you can choose a specific program that suits your needs. As we have said, these programs include FHA loans and VA loans.


However, no company is perfect, so let’s take a look at some of the disadvantages of Cascade Loans

Not US-Wide

The main disadvantage associated with Cascade Loans is that they are not currently operating across the whole of the USA.

While they operate across a lot of the country, people in Hawaii, Alaska, Utah, Nevada, Nebraska, and New York are not able to use their services. If you do not live in any of these States, then this disadvantage will not affect you.

But, if you do, then you could find yourself missing out on these services because of your location. 

Only Suitable For Manufactured Homes

While this isn’t necessarily a disadvantage (because the company specializes in manufactured homes), it does make their services unsuitable for a lot of the market.

However, the purchasing of manufactured homes is increasing, so the chances of you using Cascade Loans services is increasing too. Even if you hadn’t considered purchasing a manufactured home before. 

Final Thoughts

In short, Cascade Loans is an outstanding loans company to use if you have an interest in purchasing a manufactured home. This is what the company specializes in, and they have more than 20 years of experience in this industry.

So, if you are thinking of purchasing a manufactured home, you should consider using Cascade Loans to help you achieve this dream. 

Brad Johnson